Stunning Sicily – Mount Etna and Wine Walking

8 Days
goat guide

DATES Thu 31st October 2024
- Thu 7th November 2024

7 nights/8 days

Sicily is a wonderful place to walk and immerse yourself in all things Sicilian. We are creating holidays that support local guides, support local wine makers, support women running hotels and this holiday to Sicily gives you such a rich exploration of Sicily through the eyes of these women. We think you will fall in love with Etna.


Date: Thursday October 31st to Thursday November 7th 

Host and Guide: Emilia Strazzanti and a local woman guide 

Walking Grade: Goat 2 as we walk on Mount Etna and in the surrounding areas to an ascent of over 2300 metres.

Highlights: A stay at a traditional Sicilian Agriturismo run by two sisters, walking in the shadow of Mount Etna known as Mother Etna, tasting the wine of Etna which is some of the most famous of Sicily and produced by female winemakers, watching the sun set over Taormina. The highlights are too many to list here so read on…

Base: The Agriturismo is a wonderful discovery that we bring to our WalkingWomen guests. It is run by two sisters and a prefect place for us. The location is eastern Sicily in the town of Riposto (only 1 hour from Catania and the airport) A place of nature, great local Sicilian cuisine and relaxation. Cottages nestle amongst citrus groves and guests  have their own room with an independent entrance and private bathroom.

All rooms are equipped with private bathroom, TV, satellite, refrigerator, air conditioning, wifi.

There is an outdoor swimming pool and you can swim with views of Mount Etna. We are a just a stone’s throw from Taormina, a few metres from the sea and a great place for a holiday of relaxation, walking and culture.

Arrivals: We will pick up early afternoon from Catania Airport around 12.30/13.00. If you can connect with the group transfer we can arrange a taxi at your own cost to suit your arrival.

There is a direct flight from London Gatwick arriving at 11.30am and we do recommend this flight.

Departures: We will transfer you back to Catania Airport for flights after 12noon – a departure from your accommodation at 9am. 

There is a direct flight from Catania to London Gatwick at 12.10 which we recommend.

Price: to be confirmed very soon 



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For the Sicilians Etna is not only a Volcano but she is known as Mother Etna, the core and heart of Sicily – her energy is mesmerising to be around and after a few days on the Mount Etna and her surroundings you come back feeling revived and full of an internal energy which lifts your spirits in a way that is hard to describe. From the dark deep volcanic soils and rocks that surround you to the  bright orange, yellow and green of the Citrus trees and blur of the sea and sky you are embezzled in a wild haven.

Wine from Etna is one of the most famous of Sicily. We will meet the Sicilian female wine makers and get to taste and find out for ourselves what makes this wine so special.

During the week you will :

  • Visit Taormina from a historic perspective and enjoy a sunset aperitvo overlooking one of the most famous towns of Sicily
  • Walk  on Etna and visit the 1928 eruption, a lateral eruption that destroyed the city of Mascali.
  • Visit the beautiful Alcantara Gorges, a unique set of meandering cliffs created about 300,000 years ago, with a rock wall up to 25 meters high. We will do a river trek to experience this beautiful area.
  • Trek to appreciate the rugged and wild beauty of Etna, as well as the majesty of the Valle del Bove.



The itinerary could change depending on the weather but you can expect to have a full and varied introduction to this magical area of Sicily. Your host and guide will brief you each day and provide more details on every activity.

Detailed itinerary coming very soon.



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Stunning Sicily – Mount Etna and Wine Walking
DATES Thu 31st October 2024
- Thu 7th November 2024

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