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We bring you a programme of holidays that feature carefully selected walks, that provide wonderful opportunities to connect with other women, and leave you feeling refreshed and revived!

We specialise in small groups to ensure our guides can give maximum attention to our guests. You can expect groups between 4 and 12 women and we will let you know how many are in the group prior to your holiday. We do sometimes have groups of  up to 16 women where it is a popular holiday and we can provide additional support. Occasionally we will take over a hotel and provide holidays for bigger groups.

Our women guides are expert in their field and are there to encourage women to walk a little longer, walk a little higher and get the most out of their time away with WalkingWomen – all making sure everyone feels safe.

We do expect guests to come with an open mind and a spirit of adventure. We provide itineraries but these may flex depending on the weather and at the discretion of the guide. Our guides are skilled at leading groups and adapting to different situations and they will always talk to you about changes.
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Our walks will introduce you to the local area and our priority is to work with local women guides and partners who have in-depth knowledge of the locality. You can read more about our guides on ‘ Our Guides’ page. We also have a Support Team and sometimes you will find a WW Support team woman on your trip. You will always be informed of who your guide and support are in your information packs sent out prior to your holiday starting.

All accommodation is chosen for its location and for the comfort it can provide – we all need comfort and relaxation at the end of a day outdoors. All rooms are ensuite. We seek out places that are women/family run and who serve local produce. We do have a few ‘sister’ run hotels! If we are high in the mountains we may be using huts with shared rooms and facilities. Sometimes we camp if it is the only way to be in a special location!

Feedback is essential for us and we will develop our holiday programme listening to what you say.

Loyal customers

We would like to see people return again and again and feel part of the WalkingWomen community. We will be offering benefits and discounts as we build our network, so watch this space. Already we offer a 10% discount on your 4th holiday with us.

We have set up a WalkingWomen Facebook community for those who want to stay connected this way and share stories.

Travel Arrangements

Travel to the start of the holiday is arranged by you as many of our guests like to extend their holiday. If you need help, WalkingWomen has a longstanding relationship with our travel concierge who can assist with flights and trains or if you would like help extending your holiday. Get in touch to discuss your plans with us in the first place.

Please arrive at your accommodation on Day 1 of your trip, in time for the evening welcome and dinner together. Usually, the welcome will be at 6.30 pm followed by dinner, but each holiday itinerary will confirm the specific details. If people arrive earlier our guides will sometimes do an introductory afternoon/evening walk. Rooms are usually available from 3 pm. Our guides encourage groups to eat together but it is always a personal choice.

The walks usually start after breakfast each day and by 10 am at the latest. Their length depends on the grade and sometimes we might change a walk because of the weather. The walk on the last day is shorter, and we are generally back by 2pm, so please bear this in mind when making travel arrangements.

On most WW overseas holidays your guide will meet you in Arrivals at the destination airport. We include the transfer to your accommodation on practically all overseas holidays. Please see your holiday information pack for the time of this transfer and/or the flights that it meets.


Details of the accommodation are provided in the information pack about each holiday. All are chosen for quality, comfort and location. Where we are walking in more remote locations they are likely to be ‘refugio’ or mountain huts on some nights.

We have some holidays which will be focused on wellbeing and include spas and sometimes swimming pools. We are looking for women-run hotels and those with something unique and special. We book specific rooms but occasionally hotels may change rooms at the last minute which is beyond our control. We will do everything we can to avoid this and work with hotels to build partnerships for the long term. Your feedback will help us with this.

When booking please make sure you confirm the type of room and the number of rooms you would like. We do not charge a single supplement, however, sometimes our partners do, and where this is applicable we make this clear. We appreciate your privacy and comfort and do not put people who don’t know each other in shared rooms.


WalkingWomen has been created to cater for the needs (and safety) of women who want to walk. Assistance dogs (e.g ‘blind’ dogs, ‘hearing’ dogs etc) are permitted, so do let us know so we can make sure the accommodation is completely suitable.

Non-assistance dogs are permitted on a number of our holidays which are clearly marketed as “Doggy holidays”. Dogs will only be allowed to join walks if they are well-behaved around people and sheep, are under control at all times, and are not likely to be experienced as threatening due to their size or breed.

If holidays are not specifically ‘doggy’ holidays we need to check if the holiday you are interested in is suitable for dogs. We need to check with the hotel, the guide and with other guests. Sometimes guests are not comfortable walking with dogs or we might be going to an area that is wildlife protected and they don’t allow dogs. Please just ask and we will discuss.

Please note,  if your guide feels that your dog is endangering or annoying to other women, you will be asked to make other arrangements, even if it means that you cannot join the walk. For this reason, please consider carefully whether your dog is sufficiently well-behaved and non-threatening to others before bringing him/her on a holiday.

Insurance is essential on all holidays

When booking we will ask for evidence of your insurance. If you need help we are working with Emerald Insurance who offer travel insurance at competitive rates and cover for Covid cancellations.


We can also recommend World Nomad Insurance who provides insurance wherever you are living in the world.

Data Protection

Here at Walking Women Ltd, we take the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation seriously. We take all steps to protect the data we hold about you and will never sell your data to third parties. You can find the privacy policy on our website here. We look forward to walking with you!
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