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At WalkingWomen we are passionate about prioritising women-led businesses as our partners and suppliers. Our bank is Starling Bank founded by Anne Boden who is the CEO. Wherever possible we use women run hotels. We seek out women entrepreneurs wherever we go. To encourage, support and collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs and adventurers across the globe inspires us. With our spirit of partnership, we know we can do more and be better.

We are always looking for new partners and entrepreneur friends so do get in touch
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Jo Parsons - Inca Creative

Jo, our web guru from Inca Creative

“I founded Inca Creative so that I could use my creative and business skill set, across an exciting and varied range of sectors and services that are close to my heart – and of my own choosing. It’s a real pleasure to be working with and supporting WalkingWomen.”



Partners offering discount

Helen Looker Paradise Boutique

Helen from Paradise Boutique 

Helen has been keeping us sisters comfy and stylish with her range of joggers, t-shirts and sweaters. Perfect for a cosy night in after a walk. All WalkingWomen guests get a 10% discount so please use the code WW10 at checkout.



Liselle from Art.Cha.Series has designed our range of merchandise.  Art.Cha.Series was established in 2020 and is Directed by London resident Marlon James-Edwards, a teacher, producer, writer, artist and designer.  Art.Cha.Series promises to employ those from Neurodiverse communities as well as reinvest 20% of future profits into education support for students with Neurodiverse needs.

Go to our Shop page on our website to buy t shirts, sweatshirts or beanies with more to come.


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Alex Feechan

Alex Feechan, CEO and founder of FINDRA Clothing

FINDRA is a sustainable active lifestyle and outdoor clothing company created by Scottish fashion designer Alex Feechan in 2014. An avid cyclist and outdoor enthusiast, Alex found a lack in the kind of comfortable, versatile and stylish outdoor clothing she wanted to wear and decided to change that. FINDRA now has a womenswear, menswear and accessories collection made from natural, breathable, cruelty-free merino wool.

Please use the code FINWW10 for 10% discount on FINDRA clothing


Strive footware logo

Strive Footwear

We’ve partnered with Strive Footwear to offer our guests 20% off insoles. Many of our guests feel frustrated by plantar fasciitis, fallen arches and ball of foot pain that make walking uncomfortable. All Strive insoles incorporate Biomechanical Footbed Technology designed by leading UK podiatrists and found in all their footwear. Podiatrists recommend their footwear and insoles to help improve posture, which may relieve symptoms of poor foot alignments such as foot, knee and lower back pain – to claim your discount use DISCOUNT CODE: WALKING20 at checkout


Coming Soon …. Noni and WalkingWomen collaborate to bring you the ultimate coffee hiking kit

Noni's coffee

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