About Us

Who we are


Sara and Ginny, the WalkingWomen’s sisters team.

New owners since August 2021. Passionate to share their love of walking and having wonderful experiences with friends and family.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe space for women to explore and adventure together – to walk, connect and revive.

What is important to us

We believe in the importance of time away to walk, to connect with others and to revive. We have all lived through the COVID restrictions of the last few years and now is the time to embrace holidays again.

We believe in new adventures that help us step out of busy lives and rigid routines to have time for ourselves. We want to support women to have great times together, to face fears, to try something new and simply to have fun. We are also here for those who have faced bereavement and loss and may need to find out how to holiday again.

We are passionate about supporting local communities and prioritising women-led businesses as our partners and suppliers if we can. Where ever possible we will tread lightly on the planet and we encourage travel by train and local buses.

At WalkingWomen we can provide so many adventures which help us all walk, connect and revive with nature and each other

What you can expect from us

✓ Classic WalkingWomen holidays
✓ Experienced Guides
✓ Experienced local partners
✓ New holidays to less trodden places
✓ Challenge and adventure
✓ Help to choose the right holiday for you
✓ A warm welcome
✓ Someone who answers the phone
✓ Openess to feedback


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