Discovering the Magic of Norway: our cultural tips

Greetings, intrepid WalkingWomen adventurers! Have you ever considered embarking on a magical journey to Norway? We are here to sprinkle some cultural fairy dust on our Norway Holiday to help bring it to life for you!

Picture this: the majestic Dalseter Hotel, nestled in the enchanting hiking region of Espedalen, where the moose roam free and the days stretch out like a Nordic lullaby. Get ready to wander in the mountains, dip your toes in a crystal-clear lake, and be transported by the beauty and charm of Norway.We love it!

Now, let’s add a dash of cultural inspiration to your travel palette so you can immerse yourself in all things Norwegian and be inspired to join us on a Nordic adventure. Norway, with its rich heritage and artistic treasures, has plenty to offer, and we’ve got some whimsical suggestions for you to immerse yourself to get you in a ‘Scandi’ vibe!

Peer Gynt and Edvard Grieg’s Morning Mood:

A Symphony of Emotions to truly immerse yourself in the Norwegian spirit, we recommend diving into the works of playwright Henrik Ibsen and composer Edvard Grieg. Start by reading “Peer Gynt,” Ibsen’s gripping play that takes you on a wild journey through the captivating Norwegian countryside and the complex human psyche. It’s a tale of adventure, love, and self-discovery, bound to resonate with your own voyage. Sometimes we are known to watch a short film about Peer Gynt in the evening at the hotel – a cosy time together to rest our legs!

You might also complement this literary indulgence with the soothing sounds of Edvard Grieg’s “Morning Mood” from the “Peer Gynt Suite.” Close your eyes and let the delicate notes carry you to the misty mornings of Norway, where nature awakens in harmony with Grieg’s masterpiece.Such a powerful piece.

Say Cheese: A Taste of Norway

Food is an essential gateway to culture and of course essential to nourish us hikers. Norway has some mouthwatering treats to offer. Why not sample some delicious Norwegian cheeses? Gjetost, a sweet and caramel-like cheese, is a unique delight that pairs perfectly with a slice of hearty bread. Try it with a dollop of raspberry jam for an authentic Norwegian experience. You probably won’t find this in your local supermarket. You may have to look online or alternatively book our Norwegian trip where it is served each morning at breakfast and if you love it you can pack it in your picnic.

Snack Time, Norwegian Style – Knekkebrød:

Rustle up a Norwegian snack – Knekkebrød, or crispbread, is a staple in Norwegian cuisine. It is a crunchy, dry bread that can be topped with various spreads, cheeses, or cold cuts. Knekkebrød has gained popularity as a healthy and convenient snack option, and you might find it in health food stores or international markets.

Movie Night, Norwegian Style

Why not indulge in a movie night? Watch a Norwegian film to get a sense of the country’s storytelling prowess and visual splendour. “Kon-Tiki,” a thrilling historical adventure film, takes you on an expedition across the Pacific Ocean on a balsa wood raft. It’s a testament to the Norwegian spirit of exploration and determination. The Scandinavian noir genre has gained international popularity for its gripping storytelling, intriguing characters, and atmospheric settings. Not everyone’s cup of tea but here is one of the most notable Norwegian films in the Scandi noir genre:

  • The Snowman (2017) – Based on the best-selling novel by Jo Nesbø, this crime thriller stars Michael Fassbender as detective Harry Hole. When a series of gruesome murders occur during the first snowfall of winter, Harry must track down a sadistic serial killer known as “The Snowman” before he strikes again.

The Art of Hygge

While “hygge” is often associated with Denmark, the concept of cosy contentment is widely embraced in Norway too. Embrace the Norwegian art of hygge by snuggling up on the sofa with a soft blanket, your favourite (Norwegian) book, and a steaming cup of tea or hot cocoa. Enjoy these simple pleasures, relax and feel the power of hygge!

Let’s Get Crafty: Knitting Norwegian-Style

If you have a knack for knitting or are curious to learn, Norway is renowned for its intricate and colourful knitting patterns. Consider picking up some Norwegian yarn and try your hand at crafting a traditional woollen sweater or socks. Not only will you create a cherished keepsake, but you’ll also gain a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship that’s been part of Norway’s culture for generations. For those who don’t fancy knitting you can buy a lovely Norwegian jumper in the Dalseter hotel shop. Alongside our WalkingWomen products we sell there.

Norwegian Pop Magic: Turn Up the Nordic Beats!

Embark on a musical adventure with Norway’s enchanting pop stars! Kygo’s tropical house beats like “Stole the Show” and “Firestone” will transport you to a sun-soaked paradise. Relive the ’80s with A-ha’s “Take on Me” and “The Sun Always Shines on T.V.” Aurora’s haunting voice in “Runaway” and “Conqueror” will mesmerize you. Dance to Sigrid’s energetic anthems like “Don’t Kill My Vibe” and “Strangers.” Alan Walker’s “Faded” and “On My Way” will have you singing along. Plug in your headphones or turn up the speakers, and let the magic of Norwegian pop delight you! You may hear some of these on the slopes as we get our cross country legs ready on our winter holidays. Our very own Sigrid does a fantastic’ falling gracefully’ session to the beat of the music !

Slow TV: Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy the Snail’s Pace Spectacle!

In Norway, Slow TV (sakte-TV) has become a cultural phenomenon, captivating audiences with its deliberate lack of rush. Viewers find themselves oddly engrossed as they follow everything from salmon swimming upstream to a cosy fireplace crackling with warmth. There’s even a Slow TV program dedicated to the exciting task of chopping firewood. Step into the world of Slow TV, where time takes a leisurely stroll, and the mundane transforms into mesmerizing entertainment. It’s the ultimate antidote to our fast-paced lives, inviting you to unwind and embrace the beauty of life’s simplest moments. Picture this: a thrilling journey on a slow-moving train as it winds through Norway’s picturesque landscapes, offering breathtaking views that evolve at a snail’s pace. Or how about an epic knitting session that lasts for hours, showcasing the artistry and patience of skilled crafters?

So, dear WalkingWomen, as you anticipate your adventure in the Magic of Norway, let these cultural tidbits be the spark that ignites your excitement. Let the words of Ibsen, the melodies of Grieg, the flavours of Norwegian cheese, the lyrics of Morten and the warmth of hygge inspire you to join us for an unforgettable journey.

Remember, the Dalseter Hotel and the wonders of Espedalen await you, a bit like the Lake District (according to one guest!) but with a sprinkle of Nordic enchantment!

Join us in Norway

Bon voyage and happy wandering!

With wanderlust,
The WalkingWomen Team

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