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Ever thought you’d have to stop walking?

Strive InsolesMany of our guests feel frustrated by plantar fasciitis, fallen arches and ball of foot pain that make walking uncomfortable.

Recently we came across Strive, which provides insoles to help minimize harmful stresses in the feet to alleviate these conditions.

One of our WalkingWomen guests tried them out

“ The Strive insoles seem to be providing both support and comfort. My planter fascitiis is not completely gone but seems to be much better. I plan to keep them permanently in my walking boots – thank you”

All Strive insoles incorporate Biomechanical Footbed Technology which has been designed by leading UK podiatrists and is found in all their footwear. Podiatrists recommend their footwear and insoles to help improve posture, which may relieve symptoms of poor foot alignments such as foot, knee and lower back pain.

They are …

  • Comfortable – For everyday footwear. Includes a natural leather top cover. Can be cut to size
  • Active – For active footwear like trainers, hiking/walking boots and shoes. Made with more sturdy material. It can be cut to size.
  • Slimline – For dress shoes and narrow footwear. Includes a natural leather top cover.
  • Fur-Lined – For keeping feet warm during winter to wear in anything from slippers to wellies. Made with a faux-fur top cover. It can be cut to size.

If you fancy trying them out, WalkingWomen women get  20% off insoles



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