Juicy Crones – A story of Women Embracing Later Life. Published this week!

Ginny, WalkingWomen co-owner, tells us how her contribution to this inspiring book came about.

We met Jay early on in our WalkingWomen adventure as she booked our first Winter Revival holiday in February 2022. The first holiday Sara, my sister and co-owner of WalkingWomen, had organised. Unfortunately, Jay couldn’t make the initial booking after an unexpected change of plans; we recommended Norway as an alternative. Norway holds a special place in our hearts; it was my very first WalkingWomen holiday when I was lost not knowing how to holiday. I returned again and again and it was the place where the dream of taking over WalkingWomen was conceived. For me, it brought a release after adapting to life without my partner, who had sadly passed away many years before. Jay and I talked about bereavement when we met, and she asked me to write a chapter. It was late in the day, but I jumped at the chance to try and tell a little of my story  and how somehow I managed to carry on  – still very much alive and embracing life! Hopefully others might find some comfort and be ready and free for some of  “ the strangest adventures”

Sara and I can identify with JuicyCrones – finding a different way of life post-Covid. And with new adventures of becoming a granny, wanting new ways to work, and wanting to embrace this later stage of life with gusto!

Juicy Crones Hiking NorwayIn Norway Jay spoke passionately about Juicy Crones and the women starting anew with their later stages of life full of vigour! We walked together in the wonderful mountains around Dalseter where WalkingWomen has been coming in the winter for years. This time it was summer walking and the views were incredible and the chance to dip in mountain lakes was a massive plus for me! Revival indeed!

The book Juicy Crones launches this week on January 6th 2023, with a small launch party with Jay on the 7th in Ledbury.

It starts a new year and the second year of WalkingWomen for us. We hope to walk beside many, many more Juicy Crones.

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Order your copy here :https://www.bradtguides.com/product/juicy-crones-1/


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