The Magic of Norway in The Guardian

WalkingWomen: The Magic of Norway 

In our first year of holidays as the new WalkingWomen Owners, we have been visiting every holiday to experience some of the classic walking women holidays and test out the new. Every time we walk beside women on these holidays, we see the variety of skills and talents our guests have and how much they support WalkingWomen. On our most recent holiday to Norway, we had a writer who wrote about her holiday as soon as she returned home. A day later, it was in The Guardian, and already we have women booking on for 2023 – the power of the media and thank you to our guest for sharing her experience.

We wanted to share it, and here it is…

There’s more than a little magic in eating a sandwich at 1,516 metres, sitting on curly white lichen – “reindeer food”– with 12 female friends who only yesterday were complete strangers. I’m on my first solo holiday post-divorce, feeling simultaneously nervous and brave. Some had never walked up a mountain before, others were uncertain if they still could, yet we conquered Ruten, Rundhø and Sprenpiggen as well as our innermost fears and supported each other all the way up and down. I booked the trip with Walking Women.
J Courtney

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Norway Promo by Jon Lunn

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