The packed lunch debate – what’s in yours?

It’s sandwich week this week, and we would love to know what makes your perfect packed lunch when you’re venturing into the great outdoors. Whatever your preference, there’s no doubt that a packed lunch can make or break a day out on the trails.

Our hotel partners will often provide a packed lunch for our guests on many of our walking holidays. The contents will usually generate a level of debate, which got us thinking – what makes the perfect packed lunch for our guests?

Packed Lunch

So, are you happy with classic cheese and pickle, ham salad or egg mayo on white? – nothing wrong with this, but you may prefer to mix it up a bit with more unusual fillings such as grilled veggies and pesto or salmon and cream cheese. Once fillings have been decided, you then have a bewildering array of bread and wraps to consider. Do you go for sourdough, wholemeal or a more unusual option such as rye or soda?

Then throw a couple of left-field picnic potentials into the mix, such as a Cornish pasty, Scotch egg, or we’ve even heard of a falafel making an appearance! Then this really opens up the debate, do you include or leave well alone?

What about salty snacks to keep your energy levels up? – pretzels, nuts or even a cheeky packet of pork scratchings.

Then, of course, you also have the tricky issue of what to drink. Do you include a flask of tea or coffee? We’ve also seen some pretty interesting inclusions, such as energy drinks, hot chocolate and even the odd dram of whisky!

How about a sweet treat, a trusty flapjack, chocky bar, cake, or some fruit always goes down well..or does it?

So, what’s in your perfect packed lunch? If you have any top tips for packing the perfect picnic, please head over to our Facebook page and share them. 

Happy sandwich week!

What does your packed lunch say about you?

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