Women’s Snow Holidays: A Journey of Empowerment, Connection, and Revival

There’s something truly liberating and invigorating about snow holidays tailored for women. As the landscape transforms into a serene white paradise, it offers a unique canvas for adventure, self-discovery, and rejuvenation. WalkingWomen’s snow holidays are crafted to embrace these elements, offering experiences in Switzerland and Norway that are more than just vacations – they’re empowering journeys.

Women’s Snow holidays offer a blend of adventure, tranquillity, and being in the magical landscape – an ideal escape for those seeking excitement and peace.

Women's Snow holidays - Norway

The Magic of Walking in Snow:

Walking in the snow, especially through the stunning landscapes of Switzerland and Norway, is not just a physical activity; it’s an immersive experience. As one of our guests beautifully put it, experiencing the silence of off-the-beaten-path snowshoeing in the high Alps is akin to stepping into another world. The scenery, “beyond stunning”, offers a backdrop that invigorates the soul. Whether snowshoeing in the Winter Wonderland of Switzerland or cross-country skiing in Norway, each step explores nature’s unparalleled beauty.

And this year, we have two new destinations for those who want to try somewhere new – the Pyrenees of Andorra are just stunning or how about a lesbian winter wonderland to the French Alps?

Connecting with Nature and People:

These snowy retreats are more than just holidays; they are a chance to connect. As you traverse the snowy trails, you’re not just walking through landscapes but forging connections — with nature and fellow travellers. The joy of being with a “funny, warm, brilliant bunch of women” made it for a guest last year. To journey through snow and share stories as we go – there was so much laughter, stories, and bonds formed along the way.

Reviving the Spirit:

Snow holidays have a unique way of reviving the spirit. The serene surroundings, away from the hustle of daily life, offer a peaceful retreat. One guest’s experience of the “stunning countryside” during a train journey back from Lillehammer in Norway encapsulates this feeling of tranquillity. The snowy wonderland is peaceful and magical, providing a perfect setting to unwind and rejuvenate.

The Joy of Learning and Comfort:

Our holidays are designed not just for experienced snow enthusiasts but also for newcomers. With “fabulous instructors who taught a new sport” and guides who are “always patient and encouraging”, these trips cater to all skill levels. The experience of “getting the hang of it and putting boots into bindings” is not just about learning a sport but about discovering new facets of oneself.

The comfort of the journey is paramount. Our guests rave about the “superb cosy hotels with excellent facilities”, where one can relax in a sauna or enjoy a swimming pool after a day in the snow. The combination of adventure and comfort, with “great home-cooked food”, adds to the wholesome experience.

A Five-Star Experience:

Women's Snow holidays - Swiss Chalet

Our snowy mountain hotels have earned a well-deserved five-star rating from our guests. This is a testament to the quality of accommodation and service that complements the natural beauty of the destinations. All family run and bringing you a true taste of the country you are in.

Snow holidays with WalkingWomen are not just trips; they’re transformative experiences. They offer a unique blend of adventure, relaxation, and connection. As one of our guests summed it up, it’s a “wonderful holiday” in a “snowy wonderland”, where the days are filled with laughter, learning, and the beauty of nature, and the nights with comfort and camaraderie. Join us to walk, connect, and revive in the embrace of winter’s wonder.

  • The Bernese Alps in Winter from Wilderswil
  • Adventure to Andorra – Newcomers to Snow Shoeing
  • Lesbian Winter Wonderland – French Alps
  • Arctic Norway and the Northern Lights
  • The Magic of Norway – Cross Country Skiing Newcomers Plus


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