New WalkingWomen Clothing especially for us

Here at WalkingWomen, we often get requests from our guests for branded clothing to wear while hiking or whilst lounging back at home. We are excited to announce that we have partnered with ArtCha Series, a London-based fashion brand that we found whilst searching for a company with women designers. Artcha are special as they are also raising awareness of neurodiversity which is important to us. Together we bring you a range of stylish and practical beanies, hoodies, and T-shirts. Our designs have been created by Liselle a designer from ArtCha Series. We spoke to her recently to learn a little about her and understand where she gets her inspiration from.

Liselle designer

WW – How long have you been a designer?

I’ve been a designer for 19 years

WW – What do you love about it?

Our environment is constantly changing, and design is something that reflects how we live. I am fascinated by the colours, textures and the use of imagination to produce functional objects.

WW – Have you faced any challenges in your career to date? If so, how have you overcome them?
I think as a creative you live with the constant thoughts about if your work will be good enough. I have a desire to produce beautiful things and that idea of always trying to getting it right can stress me out.
WW – What do you like about working with Art Cha Series?

The label has a social awareness manifesto what we’re trying to do, is normalise Neurodiversity through function and style. We are celebrating difference.

WW – How did you create the WalkingWomen Designs – what was the inspiration?

My cousin has been hiking in Ghana, she recently sent me some photos. The colours and the sign edging in some of her photos inspired me to manipulate the typography that was on your website and your logo.

WW – Would you recommend your career to other women, and why?

A career in design involves being adaptable and eclectic, not being frightened to try new things and collaborate. I think women have a great insight and are able to tap into the unconscious to produce interesting and innovative ideas.

WW – Where is your favourite place to travel

Indonesia, I’m inspired by the food, the culture and find the rice fields a tranquil place to meditate.

To see the full range visit the Artcha Shop

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