Wenche’s Winter Warmer – Cinnamon Bread Cake

The festive season is soon upon us and the weather is already starting to get colder. It is a lovely time to walk especially with the right warm clothing and that warming packed lunch. We are fans of hot chocolate in the flask and a little something sweet.

Wenche in Norway

Wenche introduced us to the perfect snack last summer at the top of a mountain. In Norway it can always be chilly in the mountains and her Cinnamon Bread cake was the perfect snack. What a treat when we sat down for lunch and she offered everyone her own homemade bread cake, In fact every day she had a little sweet surprise in her lunch tin. This was our favourite and we all wanted the recipe. Here it is so we can all make this festive treat for our winter walking – or even to have with a cuppa whilst relaxing at home.

Wenche’s cinnamon bread-cake

My cousin made it for me once, must be more than ten years ago. I liked it and got the recipe. I have made it for lots of different people from different countries, children and grownups, and I don’t think anyone so far hasn’t liked it. We call it ‘bread-cake’, because it’s as good as a cake and as healthy as bread. That’s great! I often make it for the children when they want something extra /if they are tired. What is also great is that you can have all the ingredients ready in a box, and when you need it, you just add the milk.



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