Travelling Light: Essential Packing Tips

We love train travel – the next journey is from London to Andorra!

When travelling by train, well when travelling at all, we like to travel light. To easily walk along platforms, through trains and to where you are staying. Very little luggage makes it so much easier!

But how to fit in all your kit?

I have a small suitcase and a day pack, and my next trip is the WalkingWomen holiday in Andorra. I’m going by train, and I’ll manage with hand luggage. It is always easier when it’s summer, but as it was cold in the Pyrenees last week, I will be taking warmer layers.

Top tip – wear what you can! I will travel in my walking shoes and wear my walking jacket. It’s very light and rolls up small to add to my day pack when it gets hot.

And don’t worry about having underwear for every day or a T-shirt a day. I just rinse it out and wear it again. Saves bringing so much stuff. Also merino wool and merino blend T-shirts don’t need to be washed – just hang them in the air to dry and no smell!! Of course I will test this out !


I usually take far too much stuff for the evenings until I did a hut-to-hut trek in Switzerland last year with only our packs on our backs.

A friend who joined us had one pair of light cotton trousers and a couple of fresh tops she wore every night. Perfect, as it’s always very casual. The top tip from her was a comfy pair of shoes for the evening to rest your tired feet. I now have very lightweight trainers that get packed. Oh and some slippers, as most mountain hotels don’t mind you slopping about in slippers – lovely for the feet!

For a week hiking in the summer, I’ll have one pair of shorts and a very lightweight long pair. I’m packing my Findra Cora trousers that are super light and hardly take up any space. Then layers – a couple of T-shirts ( my WalkingWomen ones, of course ! ) and 2 long-sleeve tops. A cosy sweatshirt, and I’m sorted.

If you like the look of my Maisie Findra t shirt in the photo you can order on line and use our WalkingWomen code FINWW10 for 10% discount  Maisie T Shirt


I do love these arms – take up no room at all, and if the sun suddenly comes out, they protect your arms if you’re wearing a T-shirt. This means you don’t have to wear a long-sleeved top.

Of course, you can’t forget sunglasses, sun hat and sun cream. Up in the mountains, it can be very strong and always good to protect.

You also need a litre water bottle, and I really like the Sigg ones – extremely lightweight.

I also take wax wraps for picnic stuff, so they are reusable, and you don’t need to use plastic. Or you can get small cotton bags for nuts or trail mix that you can simply wash after your trip and reuse.


Lastly, if I can squeeze in a good book, maybe my favourite Wanderlust magazine and a notebook for scribbling and doing any writing. Of course, you can write on your phone, but I do always prefer a notebook.

And finally don’t forget plugs for charging phones. I do have a battery pack, but you still need to charge that. A friend who travels a lot told me about this plug that is an adapter for every country. That now goes with me everywhere, plus my cables – all very small for packing.

Adapter for phone


Oh, and don’t forget your passport and a small amount of cash in euros or whatever the currency is. I’ve learnt that you still always need a little bit of cash …


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