A Memorable Journey: Walking the Portuguese Way to Santiago with WalkingWomen

Have you ever yearned for a unique pilgrimage experience while being surrounded by a supportive community of women? Look no further than WalkingWomen’s Camino adventures – Walking the Portuguese Way to Santiago. We did 80km of this epic journey this year and in 2024 we return to do over 100km.

This  journey takes you from the enchanting city of Oporto, through picturesque regions in Northern Portugal and Galicia, to the medieval town of Santiago de Compostela. This is one of those very special pilgrimage trails loved by so many. What we love is that we offer it as an exclusively women only tour.

Our journey began in Oporto, a UNESCO World Heritage city and the birthplace of Port wine. The charm of the old town instantly captured our hearts as we strolled through its narrow cobblestone streets, admiring the historic architecture. We were all delighted that this vibrant city would be the starting point of our incredible pilgrimage.

Porto to Santiago de Compostela

WalkingWomen had meticulously planned our itinerary, ensuring we had a comfortable stay in each location. We would walk the best sections of the Portuguese Way, allowing us to savour the essence of the Camino in Portugal. To ease our journey, all our luggage was transported from place to place, enabling us to focus solely on the beauty that surrounded us.

While the path itself lacked accommodation options, WalkingWomen had arranged for transport to and from the starting points each day. This convenience allowed us to experience the true essence of the Camino while indulging in the luxury of a shower, a cosy bed, and nourishing meals to energize us for the day ahead. Additionally, transport was readily available at key points, providing an option for anyone who wished to pause and return early.

The Portuguese Way to Santiago spans approximately 241km, and our holiday gave us a taste of the best parts as we walked a total of 80km. Although our journey didn’t take us far enough to earn the coveted shell, a symbol of the full Camino Way, it left an indelible mark on our souls.

As we traversed the stunning landscapes of Northern Portugal and Galicia, we marvelled at the hidden, isolated villages and magnificent medieval towns that unfolded before our eyes. The camaraderie within our all-women group was inspiring. We found strength in supporting one another, creating a bond that transcended the miles we walked together. Each woman embarked on her own unique pilgrimage, discovering personal insights and forging lifelong friendships.

WalkingWomen’s commitment to unity and the strength of women supporting women was evident throughout the entire trip. Together, we embraced the challenges, revelled in the triumphs, and celebrated the collective spirit that propelled us forward. The experience was a testament to the power of female empowerment and solidarity.

Santiago de Compostela

As our pilgrimage neared its end in Santiago de Compostela, we couldn’t help but reflect on the transformative journey we had undertaken. We had walked in the footsteps of countless pilgrims who had sought solace, enlightenment, and personal growth along the Camino. The Portuguese Way had left an indelible mark on our hearts, forever reminding us of the unity and strength that women possess when they come together.

WalkingWomen’s Walking the Portuguese Way to Santiago was a truly memorable experience. It offered a glimpse into the beauty of the Camino in Portugal, allowing us to forge lasting memories, nourish our spirits, and appreciate the power of women supporting women. Whether you are an avid walker, a gastronomy enthusiast, or a seeker of meaningful connections, this journey is an incredible opportunity to embark on your own unique pilgrimage and discover the magic that lies within the Portuguese Way.

We are already taking bookings for 2024 The Camino Way – Portugal to Spain

and this time increasing the journey to over 100km in 10 days – still staying each night in quality accommodation where you can really relax at the end of the day (some hotels have been upgraded and will be different than our first trip). All luggage transported for you – you just need to turn up and walk.


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