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Q. Is the price per person for a single room or sharing?

For most holidays we have one price per person for the package of guided walks, accommodation and other local costs specified in each individual holiday. We do not charge a single supplement although will sometimes offer a discount for sharing a room if friends/couples are booking together. This will be clear when booking and we receive information on what types of rooms are required. If you are not clear please do contact us.

Q.What do the Goats mean?

When providing walking holidays we need to give information to help you choose the right holiday for your level of fitness. There are so many ways to explain this and our choice is to use the image of mountain goats – 1 goat is the least strenuous to 4 goats being the most. Our grading information is a general guide. Each individual itinerary will give more detail and do contact us if you are not sure. Some countries we visit are very specific about what fitness is needed for each trail. We take advice and give as much information as we can to help you.

Q. Will I be fit enough ?

Our grading information is designed to provide a guide. You know your level of fitness and we expect you to be fit enough for the holiday you choose. We will try and provide fitness tips to help people prepare for trips as often booking a holiday can encourage more walking in preparation!

Q. What happens if you cancel my holiday or if I have to cancel my trip?

Please see booking conditions for details on our cancellation policy.

Q. How many will there be in the group?

The number of women in each walking group is usually 8-10 plus the guide. If the holiday offers more than one grade of walk, there will be more groups and guides. Some of our partners in Europe have larger groups.

Q. Could I book one of your holidays for a group of my own friends – a private holiday just for us?

Yes. this is possible on some of our holidays so speak to us. Typically you would need to be a group of 6. If that holiday is already booked up we could try to repeat it just for your group.

Q. I’m coming on my own and I’ve never been on holiday on my own before. Will I be the only one?

Overwhelmingly the majority of women come on their own and many have never done this type of holiday before so you would be in very good company. Groups gel well and quickly bond over the shared experience of walking together. As an example, to quote some past feedback, which is typical of the comments we get:-

“Thoroughly enjoyed it. It was my first WW holiday so I was unsure of what to expect – I was very pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. Fantastic bunch who all gelled and had a great laugh with each other!

“It really surpassed my expectations, as I really wasn’t sure what to expect with it being my first one. I would recommend these holidays since they offer friendship and fun plus a wonderful walking experience!”

Q. Do you allow dogs on your holidays?

We have holidays specifically for dogs – our ‘doggy holidays’ . These are designed for dogs so they are the priority and walks will give them lots of exercise and a chance for you to mix with other dog lovers. Accommodation is picked for it’s suitability for dogs.

Q. How do I become a Guide for WalkingWomen?

If you are keen to guide for WW, please contact us to let us know more about you and details of any guiding qualifications you have. We will set up zoom calls to discuss opportunities we have with you.

We look forward to walking with you!

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