Madhvi Dalal – Tackling Period Poverty in Kenya

An Interview with Madhvi Dalal – Tackling Period Poverty in Kenya

November 15, 2022

As you’ll already know if you’re familiar with WalkingWomen, we’re here to support women not just in the UK who want to explore the world with like-minded women but to champion those inspirational women tackling women’s issues both in the UK and around the world. Today, we’re proud to highlight the work of Madvhi Dalal, […]

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Wenche’s Winter Warmer – Cinnamon Bread Cake

The festive season is soon upon us and the weather is already starting to get colder. It is a lovely time to walk especially with the right warm clothing and that warming packed lunch. We are fans of hot chocolate in the flask and a little something sweet. Wenche introduced us to the perfect snack […]

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WalkingWomen Beanie

New WalkingWomen Clothing especially for us

Here at WalkingWomen, we often get requests from our guests for branded clothing to wear while hiking or whilst lounging back at home. We are excited to announce that we have partnered with ArtCha Series, a London-based fashion brand that we found whilst searching for a company with women designers. Artcha are special as they […]

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Holiday Highlights

Looking for a last-minute break or planning for 2023 take a look at our holiday highlights here. Please get in touch if you want to learn more about our breaks and we are always happy to chat on the phone 01784 664063  December Holidays Lyme Lights FRI 9th DECEMBER 2022 – MON 12th DECEMBER 2022 Goat Level 2 Sometimes […]

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Get Goat Fit with our 8 week plan

Goat goals will help you get goat fit and stay fit … We introduced our goat guide in August 2021 as we took on WalkingWomen. There are so many ways to describe the variety of hikes on offer – we wanted something simple, descriptive and fun. Our goats have received attention and many of our […]

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walkingwomen facebook group

Join the WalkingWomen Facebook Group!

November 10, 2022

We created a WalkingWomen Facebook Group so women in our network could connect to share stories, ideas and photos and communicate with us and each other. It is the Walking Women community designed for people like you to connect with other women who enjoy or want to enjoy walking. If you want to know specifically […]

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The Magic of Norway

The Community of Women that Makes Us.

Since we started WalkingWomen last year we have been on a mission to build up a travel company that had been devastated by the Covid Pandemic. No one could travel and guides lost their livelihood and local partners lost their businesses. In the middle of it, we took over a travel company. Why?   Because […]

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Doggy beach holidays : Seven dogs for seven women

October 24, 2022

Ever since we took on WalkingWomen in the summer of 2021 we have been asked about dogs joining holidays. We are dog lovers – especially Sara with her own family pooch! We thought about opening up our UK holidays so dogs could always go but then discovered not all guides or other guests would be […]

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