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🚶‍♀️WalkingWomen’s 2024 Programme Online Briefing🚶‍♀️

Posted: September 2, 2023

Whether you know WalkingWomen well or are new to us we want to give you the chance to hear more about our 2024 holiday programme so PLEASE REGISTER IF YOU ARE INTERESTED – read on.. Date: October 25th Time: 18.00 UK TIME Where: Online (Link to be provided upon sign-up) Why Attend? Expert Insights: Ginny […]

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Why Walk by Jay Courtney author of JuicyCrones


WalkingWomen writers We first met Jay in Norway on a WalkingWomen holiday – an inspirational woman who talked of writing a book called Juicy Crones – all stories of women embracing later life and being free for the strangest adventures. Like ourselves and so many of our walkingwomen! Jay invited Ginny, joint Owner/Director of WalkingWomen […]

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Dreamy Destinations – Where WalkingWomen lay their heads

Posted: August 22, 2023

Choosing the perfect place to rest After a day, exploring is crucial. That is why we turned to you, our dedicated WalkingWomen, to understand what truly matters to you when it comes to where you stay. You responded with your thoughts… Safety – a preference for family/women-run establishments that exude warm hospitality. Nourishing food, especially […]

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Canary Islands

How do you feel as the festive season approaches ?

Posted: August 13, 2023

When my partner died in the autumn of 2015, I was devastated, and my world changed forever. We had imagined old age together. One festive season, we ate in a Parisian restaurant and on the next table sat two very elderly women – they were drinking a glass of champagne. We watched as they ordered […]

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Celebrating Two Years of WalkingWomen: A Journey of Adventure and Connection

Posted: August 11, 2023

🥳 This week has seen WalkingWomen have its 2nd birthday 🥳, and here we are, the sisters – Ginny and Sara – celebrating this milestone as we reflect on the incredible journey we’ve embarked upon together. Two years of laughter, celebration, and the joy of doing what we love.  When we took over WalkingWomen in […]

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Women of the Lake District - Beatrix Potter

Some fantastic Female Figures of the Lake District

Posted: August 5, 2023

The Lake District, known for its breathtaking beauty and literary inspirations, has been home to remarkable women who have left an indelible mark on the region’s history and culture. From influential writers and social reformers to conservationists and feminists, these women have shaped the landscape and spirit of the Lake District. Join us as we […]

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Alpujarras of Andalucia

Savouring Spanish Literature: Must-Reads Before Your Journey to Andalucia


If you’re thinking about joining us on our literary adventure in the beautiful Alpujarras of Andalucia, why not indulge in some captivating Spanish literature? There’s no better way to immerse yourself in the culture and history of this enchanting region than through the written word. Whether you’re a seasoned bookworm or just looking for some […]

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Scotland Islands

Discover Orkney’s Healing Beauty: “The Outrun” – A Tale of Resilience and Redemption Amidst the Wild Landscapes

Posted: August 4, 2023

The Outrun by Amy Liptrot is a powerful story set in Orkney. This memoir chronicles the author’s personal journey of recovery from alcoholism amidst the wild and windswept landscapes of this wonderful island of Orkney. Amy Liptrot, a native of Orkney, shares her experiences of returning to the islands after a turbulent period in her […]

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