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Treks – to carry your back pack or not ?

Posted: February 14, 2024

Our heart of Switzerland hike is carrying your stuff on your back – why? So many women say they are put off by carrying their ruck sack and there is no doubt it can be a challenge. I was also hesitant! I asked our Swiss Guide Claudia if we could have luggage transported. Of course […]

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Mature Women doing Yoga

Embracing Fitness in Older Age with WalkingWomen

Posted: January 31, 2024

This topic is so important to the WalkingWomen team as we turn 60+ and as we see our 90 year old parents keeping active. Our role models! As we age, maintaining an active lifestyle becomes more crucial than ever. We, of course, believe and promote the power of walking to foster connection, revitalisation, and adventure […]

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Bernese Oberland

Paula’s Story of The Heart of Switzerland


We walked across the heart of Switzerland from Sarnen to Grindelwald. 6 courageous women and our guide Claudia. I would definitely do it all over again. It was a really magic week for me. I loved all the chats and laughs and the bond between the 6 of us that developed over the days was […]

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Celebrating Burns Night with WalkingWomen in Scotland

Posted: January 22, 2024

As Burns Night approaches, celebrating Scotland’s most famous poet, Robert Burns, we at WalkingWomen invite you to explore Scotland’s majestic landscapes and rich cultural heritage through our specially curated walking holidays. The Spirit of Burns in Scotland’s Landscapes Burns, known for his romantic and evocative poetry, drew deeply from the natural beauty of Scotland. Our […]

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What do you need for cross-country skiing?

Posted: January 5, 2024

WalkingWomen’s Cross-Country Ski Trips to Norway have been so popular since they began more than two decades ago. We have always been going to the wonderful Dalseter Hotel in the heart of the Espedalen region. We have enjoyed lots of snow and lots of fun. Each year, more and more women come, and we are […]

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Womens Hiking Boots

Finding the Perfect Boots for Bunions and More

Posted: November 22, 2023

As the weather turns and trails become slippery or snow-covered, the need for boots that offer both grip and stability becomes paramount. Many of our WalkingWomen have been discussing the challenge of finding comfortable boots, especially for those dealing with bunions or plantar fasciitis. The right support is crucial to keep us walking comfortably. During […]

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The joys of winter walking


At WalkingWomen, we love the seasons and we love bringing you holidays that mean you can experience a place throughout the seasons. To return to a place in the summer, having been there in winter is like discovering a completely new place. To see the spring flowers appear as the snow melts, to walk in […]

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