Neurodiversity Celebration Week 18th-24th March 2024

We celebrate and value the diversity of neurological differences always

It is important to us at WalkingWomen as we have our own experiences of dyslexia and struggling to be recognised at school. The days when you were called ‘thick’ for failing all your exams rather than being supported to find the cause.

Ginny was previously a teacher and spent time working side by side with children who had varying additional needs. She had a passion to make sure the proper support was there and campaigned for smaller class sizes in schools.

Madhvi Dalal – Tackling Period Poverty in Kenya

On some of our holidays we also include visits to schools and continue our support where we can.

We recognise and value the diversity of neurological differences, such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and others, as natural variations of the human brain. We promote acceptance, understanding, and support for individuals with different neurotypes, rather than viewing them as abnormal or in need of fixing.

This approach fosters what WalkingWomen is all about – inclusivity, empathy, and appreciation for the unique strengths and perspectives that difference brings to society.

And this week we especially shine a light on our partner ArtchaSeries

The creator of our WalkingWomen merchandise and available via our OUR SHOP

Black T-Shirt Front - WalkingWomen

Artcha Series was founded by fellow teacher Marlon James – Edward.

Marlon discovered he was Dyslexic at 18 and spent his entire journey of education in confusion about why he could not keep up with the rest of his classmates, why reading was an ongoing conflict of flying words and retaining large amounts of information was so painful. Thankfully he built strategies to adjust his understanding of the world around him and prompted him to become a professional teacher to lead and inspire students who faced similar hurdles in education and life.

After 17 years in community work and mainstream education as an English teacher and Head of Department, he decided to start his own businesses in 2020 Marlon James Consultancy with a focus on enabling all learners through clear strategies of engagement, retention and aspiration.

Our partnership is with his second business Artcha Series and we are working together with Artcha Series Female designers. Liselle Joslyn and Mamta Kaler are exceptional designers who are helping to create great products for our women.

Artcha Series is a London fashion brand changing the face of Neurodiversity’

With its range of casual wear created by Neurodivergent designers with 20% of profits used to support secondary learners in London schools without EHCPs, often waiting for diagnosis.

Together we continue to develop WalkingWomen products. Coming soon is the much requested snood ( neck warmer ) Watch this space!

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