Fun in Norway – join us next year !

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all

I love this Eleanor Roosevelt quote and it is a belief I have always had to keep adventuring and developing. Adventures to me are the relationships you have as well as the things you do like learning a new skill, climbing a mountain, swimming in icy water or flying down a long slope on a toboggan!

I returned to Norway in March as an owner of WalkingWomen when 4 years before I was a customer. To once again share time with inspiring women who wanted to try something new or rekindle their love of cross country not having been on skis for over 30 years! Bringing women together who have never met to spend time in nature – to laugh together, share stories, support each other and conquer fears is the essence of WalkingWomen. Relationships develop and on this holiday a new skill was learnt. We are repeating newcomers to cross country and will be adding more ‘ newcomers ‘ experiences so we can all stretch ourselves and adventure!


Magic of Norway – Ski fit  with Anita

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