One year on – we reflect back on the adventure so far.

In 2017 I went on my first WalkingWomen holiday to Norway. There were rumblings that WalkingWomen might be up for sale. A seed of an idea began in my brain – how amazing would it be to run a company bringing great holidays to women, especially for women like me who wanted to venture out alone feeling safe and supported?

Years later, I found myself discussing the opportunity with my sister. My older sister has always looked out for me and been beside me through many ups and downs. I don’t think I have ever heard her turn down an idea. She is a doer and lover of life, and with minimal persuasion, she was in. Why not – two women over 58 starting a business? What could go wrong?

We negotiated hard, and in August 2021, we became proud owners of WalkingWomen. Over a few months, we rebranded, revamped the website, learnt the sophisticated booking system, engaged with a network of excellent guides and set up 30 holidays. The support flooded in, and we felt responsible for bringing the best holiday programme we could to existing loyal customers and new women ready for a holiday.

On November 5th, we launched our holidays with fireworks! We’d roped our marketing brother in, and a true family business was born!

We have all said we haven’t spent so much time together ever. We have definitely had our moments as we learn how to work together, never having done it before. What is clear is we all have different skills and talents that make a great team. And we all love to travel, walk and women! To work together on such a creative, dynamic, exciting, growing and developing organisation is a thrill.

Our adventure has truly begun with so many highlights …

Ginny & Sara - Walking Women Owners
Our first sisters recce to Cumbria and Yorkshire with determination to travel by public transport. It took a while!

A sibling’s meeting where we missed an important Christmas Carol Concert with our parents, preferring to plot and plan.

Siblings Team

Getting to know our passionate guides and learning more about the roots of WalkingWomen and what makes it so special. Here are just a few …

Joining our holidays to meet guests and join in the fun

Connecting with many women leading great things – new guides, partners, winemakers, cheese makers – so many enterprising driven women. All part of our mission to promote the power of women.

As we reflect on Year 1, we are ready to take everything we have learnt into our second year. We are doubling our holiday programme, increasing our guides and partners and exploring old and new destinations. Continuing to do what has always been the heart and soul of WalkingWomen – bringing women together to walk in great places.

In a world filled with uncertainty and turmoil, we aim to bring a little safety and certainty so we can adventure and walk together. To bring precious moments to escape and have some fun – here’s to Year 2.


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