WalkingWomen & Kids for Kids New Partnership

WalkingWomen has partnered with Kids for Kids, which works to improve the lives of children in Sudan. This partnership is based on the shared values of both organisations: that every child deserves the chance to lead a happy and healthy life and that women should be empowered.

We are proud to support Kids for Kids and their important work. For each holiday booked with WalkingWomen, a percentage will go towards buying a goat. By working together, we can play our part in getting more goats to families in Darfur.

Kids for Kids was founded in response to the needs of children living in war-torn and poverty-stricken areas. They provide practical help, like food, healthcare, and long-term support, education, and training. They work with local communities to make sure that their projects are sustainable and have a lasting impact. They also work with local women to create income-generating projects, such as agriculture and livestock initiatives. This has been called the best microfinance scheme, with women being given or loaned goats to give their children vital milk and breed more goats to support more families.

The partnership between WalkingWomen and Kids for Kids is an important step. It will contribute to helping improve the lives of children and women.

Please visit their website if you would like to learn more about Kids for Kids.

Visit the Kids for Kids website: https://www.kidsforkids.org.uk/
Donate to Kids for Kids: https://www.kidsforkids.org.uk/donate/
Become an Ambassador: https://www.kidsforkids.org.uk/become-an-ambassador/

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