Savouring Spanish Literature: Must-Reads Before Your Journey to Andalucia

If you’re thinking about joining us on our literary adventure in the beautiful Alpujarras of Andalucia, why not indulge in some captivating Spanish literature? There’s no better way to immerse yourself in the culture and history of this enchanting region than through the written word. Whether you’re a seasoned bookworm or just looking for some literary inspiration, these carefully selected must-reads will enhance your experience and enrich your journey through the footsteps of Virginia Woolf in Southern Spain.

Mrs Dalloway – by Virginia Woolf:

Virginia Woolf began writing “Mrs Dalloway” while she was in Yegen, making it a perfect book to read before journeying to the Alpujarras. Immerse yourself in the contemplative prose of Woolf as you walk the same paths she once did in the Alpujarras. As you explore the landscapes of Yegen and the Alpujarras, reading ‘Mrs Dalloway’ will offer a unique connection to Virginia Woolf’s own experiences in this beautiful region of Southern Spain.” We will be showing the film Mrs Dalloway on an outdoor screen (we hope) on our September holiday – to transport us all to the world of Virginia Woolf.

 Don Quixote – by Miguel de Cervantes:

Considered one of the most influential works of literature, “Don Quixote” takes you on a wild adventure with the delusional but endearing knight, Don Quixote, and his loyal squire, Sancho Panza. This epic novel not only provides insight into Spanish culture and humour but also offers a glimpse of the countryside and landscapes you’ll encounter in Andalucia. Don Quixote is a timeless masterpiece that captures the essence of Spain’s unique charm. The wit and wisdom of Cervantes will transport you to the heart of the country, making it an ideal prelude to your journey through the picturesque Alpujarras.”

The Shadow of the Wind – by Carlos Ruiz Zafón:

Set in the atmospheric streets of Barcelona, “The Shadow of the Wind” is a captivating tale of mystery, love, and the power of books. This novel delves into the enchanting world of bookshops and libraries, resonating with book lovers and those seeking to explore the hidden corners of Spanish cities. Carlos Ruiz Zafón weaves a hauntingly beautiful story that celebrates the love of literature and the allure of Spanish cities. As you prepare to explore the charming villages of Andalucia, this novel will ignite your curiosity for the secrets that lie within the cobbled streets.

The Seamstress –  by María Dueñas:

Venture into the tumultuous history of Spain with “The Seamstress,” a mesmerizing story of love, survival, and resilience. This historical novel set during the Spanish Civil War and World War II captures the spirit of the country’s past, offering a glimpse into the lives of its people. María Dueñas paints a vivid portrait of Spain’s past, weaving a tapestry of emotions and historical events. ‘The Seamstress’ will immerse you in the complexities of Spain’s past, making your journey through the Alpujarras all the more meaningful.”

The Hours – by Michael Cunningham:

For a literary treat, consider delving into “The Hours,” Michael Cunningham’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel that weaves together the lives of three women, including Virginia Woolf herself. This captivating work draws parallels between their lives and explores the timeless themes of love, identity, and the creative process. Michael Cunningham’s ‘The Hours is a brilliant homage to Virginia Woolf and her enduring legacy. As you walk in the footsteps of Woolf in Andalucia, this novel will serve as a poignant reminder of her impact on literature and the exploration of human emotions.”

As you pack your bags for your literary journey to the Alpujarras, don’t forget to bring along these captivating Spanish literary works. From the picturesque countryside of “Don Quixote” to the mysteries of “The Shadow of the Wind,” each book offers unique insights into Spain’s rich history and cultural tapestry. Additionally, “Mrs Dalloway” will provide a special connection to Virginia Woolf’s time in Yegen, while “The Hours” pays homage to her enduring influence. So, let the pages of these must-reads transport you to the heart of Andalucia, where you’ll discover the magic and inspiration that Virginia Woolf herself found in this beautiful region of Southern Spain. Bon voyage and happy reading!

More information about our holiday – In the footsteps of Virginia Woolf in Southern Spain can be found here >> 

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