Merino Wool – the perfect partner for summer. A tip for your summer kit.

Best natural fabric for summer

It might surprise you, but merino wool is not just for winter and is actually one of the best natural fabrics to wear throughout summer. The natural properties present in the wool make it perfect for outdoor and active wear. We asked Alex Feechan, knitwear designer and the founder of sustainable clothing brand FINDRA, why natural merino wool works so well.

‘A summer-weight knit of merino is the perfect partner for any summer activity,’ Alex says. ‘The natural temperature-regulating properties of merino wool mean that it keeps you cool in warm weather. When the body heats up and we start to sweat, merino fibres wick sweat away,’ Alex explains. ‘Merino absorbs moisture and is quick-drying, so helps the body’s natural cooling process. Unlike synthetic fibres, you never have that uncomfortable sweaty feeling.

‘Merino wool is also naturally odour resistant. It is the bacteria in sweat that causes that unpleasant smell, but natural antibacterial properties present in merino mean bacteria doesn’t settle in the fibres. Merino won’t smell, even wear after wear, and you don’t need to wash it as frequently as manmade fabrics. Simply air it after wearing,’ she explains.

A tip for your summer kit.

‘If your merino gets really dirty, it is machine washable with superfine fibres that dry quickly, which is perfect when you are travelling, hiking or camping. Merino wool is also incredibly soft against the skin. Even people who are allergic to normal wool can wear merino.

‘We have designed a range of lightweight merino blends tops and tees that are perfect for summer. The 150gsm knit is light, both to wear, pack and carry, while it is also very gentle on the skin.’

We are so pleased to be partnering with Findra and I love my new Merino wool top.

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