Top Podcast Recommendations for Women Walkers – A Summer Listening Guide

Are you a podcast fan? If so, you’ll love our curated list of summer listens that perfectly complement your walks and hikes. Ginny Lunn, joint owner of WalkingWomen, has handpicked some of her favourite podcasts for women walkers. These podcasts will not only keep you company during your outdoor adventures but also revive and connect you with stories and insights from remarkable women. Additionally, we’ve included some extra recommendations to enhance your podcast experience further. So put on your headphones, take a leisurely stroll, and let’s explore the world of podcasts together!

I love a podcast but only when I have time and space to listen to them or sometimes when I need to empty my head to sleep. Then I pick the most soothing voice, and I’m asleep within seconds! Somehow I find Miriam Margoyles has that soothing voice, and her autobiography is what I reach for – I have been interested in her life and her relationship spanning more than 50 years, where she and her partner choose not to live together. A modern global romance. See what you think. This Much is True

Some people like to walk and listen. Personally, I prefer to listen to the sounds of the outdoors, but it can be interesting sometimes to catch up on your latest favourite podcast.

And how do you choose?

There are so many podcasts out there that it is often difficult to decide on what to listen to. We have our own WalkingWomen women who create them, and of course, we listen to these. Samantha Grierson, Playwright, Journalist, Producer and Host of “Daring to be Different”, received a later life diagnosis of Autism in 2018 and later ADHD, changing the course of her life forever. She came on our first cross-country ski trip to Norway last year to try a new challenge. Afterwards, she talked to me and one of our Canadian guests about WalkingWomen and the importance of safe spaces for women to holiday together – if you missed it, here it is >>

We also talked to Mary Fulton, -a Nordic Walking instructor and founder of the podcast Walking on Air which is a podcast giving lots of tips about fitness. Perhaps you have thought of taking up Nordic walking, especially in later life, to help with fitness and balance. Catch the WalkingWomen episode here Walking on Air – walking through a life-changing event

Thrive not survive

Don’t we all want to have a life where we feel fulfilled, we feel fit and active, we feel energetic and lively, and we wake up with a spring in our step? So many of us haven’t always had the luxury of feeling this way, and we seek out things that make us feel better. It’s true for me; I want to thrive, not survive. Whilst I am on this earth, I want to live fully. Somehow I find myself drawn to listen to things that give me new ideas and new tools to help me be that ‘ thrive ‘ person!

Here are a few favourites to share and see if they help you…

  1. How to Fail with Elizabeth Day: Join Elizabeth Day as she interviews guests about times in their lives when they felt they had failed. Reclaiming failure and talking openly about challenging moments can be incredibly empowering. If you’ve ever faced setbacks or been told you couldn’t achieve something, this podcast will inspire you to persevere and thrive. I love it as I was always told I was a failure at school and thrown out of so many classes. To be told you will never learn a language as you are too stupid stays with you. One day I will, and in my 60th year, I am even more determined. Reclaiming failure is helpful, I feel. – How to Fail
  2. Happy Place with Fearne Cotton: Fearne Cotton invites fascinating guests to talk about personal growth, spirituality, and finding happiness. She talks  with some amazing guests as she reveals what happiness means to them. She engages in chats with some of the funniest, wisest and forward-thinking minds out there, bringing you wit and wisdom. Find your own happy place and Happy listening. Happy Place
  3. Feel Better. Live More. with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee: Need tips for better sleep, managing anxiety, or improving your eating habits? Tune in to Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s podcast. As a GP, he emphasizes the importance of overall well-being and how it can positively impact our health. His practical advice will help you lead a healthier and more fulfilling life. Feel better. Live more
  4. Healthy Aging with Prof. Rose Anne Kenny: Aging is inevitable, but this podcast discusses steps to minimize its effects on our health. It highlights the benefits of maintaining connections with others, something that resonates with the spirit of WalkingWomen. Hear from world-leading geriatrician Prof. Rose Anne Kenny, and gain valuable insights into living a longer and healthier life. Many of our guests are retired. The podcast looks at if retirement affects our social interactions. And can attitude alone keep you healthier in your later years? Rose Anne is a world-leading geriatrician at Trinity College Dublin, where she leads a huge, long-term study on ageing. She’s also the author of the number one international bestseller Age Proof: The New Science of Living a Longer and Healthier Life. Have a listen …Healthy Aging

Some other Podcasts that are worth a listen:

  • The Well Woman Podcast: Hosted by Giovanna Rossi, this podcast covers a wide range of topics related to women’s health, personal development, and empowerment. It addresses issues specific to women as they age, offering insights and practical advice to support overall well-being.
  • The Guilty Feminist: This comedy podcast, hosted by Deborah Frances-White, explores the complexities of modern feminism while providing a fun and humorous take on various women’s issues, including health and well-being.
  • Ramblings with Clare Balding: “Ramblings” is a BBC Radio 4 podcast hosted by Clare Balding. Each episode features a walk in the British countryside with Clare and her guests. The show combines beautiful scenery, personal stories, and insightful conversations, making it an excellent choice for women who love walking and want to explore the outdoors vicariously. We have holidays to many of the places she walks in.
  • Out There: “Out There” is a podcast that explores the transformative power of the outdoors and nature. Hosted by Willow Belden, it features stories of people who have experienced personal growth and healing through their outdoor adventures. This podcast can be inspiring for women who enjoy connecting with nature while walking and hiking.
  • Trail Dames Podcast: The “Trail Dames Podcast” is dedicated to celebrating women who love the outdoors and the trails. Hosted by Anna Huthmaker, it includes interviews with women who have hiked long-distance trails and engaging discussions about backpacking, hiking, and camping.
  • She Explores: Sadly, Gale Straub posted her last podcast this July, but she leaves a rich catalogue of content that is worth exploring. “She Explores” focuses on women exploring and connecting with the outdoors. It features stories of women from diverse backgrounds who find solace and joy in nature.
  • Tough Girl Podcast: Hosted by Sarah Williams, the “Tough Girl Podcast” showcases the achievements of adventurous women from around the world. While it covers various outdoor pursuits, it includes many episodes about hiking and long-distance walking expeditions.
  • Women Who Travel by Conde Nast Traveler: If you enjoy combining your love for walking with travel, this podcast is perfect for you. Women Who Travel shares inspiring stories from female travellers, tips for exploring new destinations, and insights into the transformative power of travel

As you embark on your summer walking adventures, these podcasts could accompany you, offering valuable perspectives, personal growth insights, and inspiration. Whether you prefer soothing voices to aid relaxation or seek motivating stories to ignite your spirit, there’s something for every woman walker in this podcast lineup. So, grab your earbuds, hit the trails, and let the world of podcasts enrich your outdoor experiences. Happy listening and walking!

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